Rich FinTech has automated its delivery of funds through Seyfert

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Rich FinTech has automated its delivery of funds through Seyfert.
2016.09.21 09:32:04
The Loan-based Crowd Funding Service ‘Rich FinTech’ has become 63rd Seyfert partner.
Rich FinTech, a P2P loan-based Crowdfunding, has launched its service in the middle of this month.
Based on individual credits, and real estate, it promises maximum 10% of ROI, automating its entire procedure with Seyfert system – The blockchain-based FinTech platform developed by PayGate. The platform is already being used by more than 60 FinTech companies, and is recognized for its credibility around the world.
Unlike regular P2P loan-based services that separate investment application, and payments, Rich FinTech is designed to ensure faster delivery of funds to customers with Pre-paid charging, and wire-transfer.
Rich FinTech aims to provide multiple financial services to its customers and to customize its services to meet each individual’s demand based on its knowledge and experience in the P2P industry.
JinHak Kim, the CEO of Rich FinTech, said:
“We focused to develop customizable services that would satisfy each customer’s need – Not just for P2P, and Business loan, but also for real estate loan, which are under high demand by customers. The Seyfert platform has helped us to be able to do so while saving time and resources.
Soyeong Park, the CEO of PayGate, also said:
“We welcome Rich FinTech as the 63rd partner of Seyfert” she added, “PayGate will continuously work hard to improve the Seyfert platform in order for our partners to become global FinTech companies”
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