‘Chun Song Ee’ Court now can be sold with China Account Transfer.

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 ‘Chun Song Ee’ Court now can be sold with China Account Transfer. 



PayGate launching China FinTech payment service with 1% Fees in Korea

PayGate launches ‘ChinaCash’, The banking transfer services with 14 banks in China, with 1% fees.

Online Merchants targeting Chinese customers are expected to be benefited from using ChinaCash because of its 1% fees, easily accessible to use by customers without charging online accounts, which enable merchants to save up to 50% of the fees with a swift settlement. PayGate has been preparing to launch ChinaCash for a year now.

Thanks to ChinaCash – Merchants do not have to register their businesses in China in order for them to sell their products or services in Chinese market anymore.

Chinese E-commerce market has been rapidly growing up, expecting to be 4.14 trillion yuan scale in 2017, and Online banking services growing steeply as well.

Soyeong Park, the CEO of PayGate, said:

“With ChinaCash, individual e-merchants now can expand their businesses to China. Even ‘Chun Song Ee’ coat now can be sold with ChinaCash without installing Active-X for authentication”.

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