PayGate announces its business plan to be cross-border payment, FX, and global remittance.

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PayGate announces its business plan to be cross-border payment, FX, and global remittance.

▲ Soyeong Park, CEO of PayGate

PayGate Co., Ltd. has announced its business plans to its shareholders on 2nd of November. Those businesses are cross-border payment, payment by mobile phones and FX, and global remittance.With a constant growth in turnover, PayGate Co., Ltd has reached the revenue plan in September which was made in year 2014. The year 2016 revenue plan was further revised.

PayGate Co., Ltd has its own currency exchange office and is concentrating on cross-border transaction business with 172 different currencies. The main serving currencies are Korean WON, USD, Japanese YEN, EURO, and Bitcoin. It also has been dealing with USD with payment solution of Alipay, CUP, and TENpay.

From August this year, PayGate Co., Ltd has launched Japanese internet bank (Rakuten)’s transaction service and is planning to support transaction and remittance service in Chinese YEN based on 24 Chinese banks in this October.

▲ Fintech Architectural Overview

PayGate Co., Ltd holds a FX business license under the Foreign Exchange Law which was granted in July year 2015 and completed its registration of currency exchange office earlier than July year 2015. It was October year 2014. PayGate Co., Ltd is Korea’s first e-financier to deal with FX business and run a currency exchange office together. With running two kinds of business at the same time, PayGate Co., Ltd is also planning a global remittance business.

Paygate Co., Ltd was founded in year 1998 as firm that specializes in payment. We have had a 17 year experience of global transactions and fintech businesses. Currently, we have extended out business to Seyfert banking platform which is a system of our own and fintech firms. i.e. P2P lending. We receive love calls from various fields of businesses like crowdfunding companies and bitcoin exchanges, etc.

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